How to get avacoins and leveling up in Avakin Life

Friday, 5 January 2018



Tips to get a bunch avacoins:

1. Work at the 23 street cafe (max 500 coins / day)

2. Top Up (purchase avacoins by using your real money)

3. Complete TapJoy / regular missions (100-1500 coins / missions) the more difficult of mission the more coins you get

4. Diligently open the free mystery box, you can get random gifts it might can be avacoins (5-100 coins) or other gifts

5. Increase the level (100-3000 coins) the higher level you up the more coins you get

6. View ads (1-5 coins / impressions)

No begging, No illegal Topup, No hokey, No cheats (need a struggle to succeed).



Tips for fast leveling:

1. Takes care of 2 pets (50 exp X 2 = 100 exp)

2. Shop some items in the avakin store (the more expensive items purchased the more exp obtained)

3. Jump to pool or at sea (15 exp)

4. Take/collect all diamonds at all your apartments/houses (20 exp / apartment)

5. Invite as many friends to your apartment and while your friends on there you just go left and enter it again to your apartment which your friends present there before. Do it as you can until you don't get exp again (total exp you can get approx 200 exp)

6. Order and work at the 23 street cafe (the more expensive of serve or your order, the more exp you can obtained)

7. Copy and paste your text in the chat column as much as 100 X (full chat) (100 x full chat = 500 exp, but remember don't spam in chat, give pause between sending text!)

8. Rate 5 apartments of strangers/friends apartments (20 exp X 5 = 100 exp)

9. Take a photo (1 X 15 exp = 15 exp)

10. Stanby / AFK in social spot as long as you want, in every few minutes you will get 15 exp, the longer you stanby / afk the more chance you can get more exp

That's all. Hope this useful for you! :)



Writer: Cwxrssr