Looking up avakin profile without getting online in game

Tuesday, 08 August 2017

Hello all! this time i will bring you a know-how to looking up avakin profile without getting online in game. This useful for you when you get new avakin friends in any social media when they give you their avakin username but you don't have time to go online in game to check and add them as your friends. Let's check it out...

Here are some steps to get started

1. Go to https://avkn.life/submit or http://www.avakinworld.com/apc/ you will see Avakin Profile Checker web tool like in the picture below


2. Write an avakin username that you want to check/look up in the 'Avakin Username' field and click 'Search users' to find. For example, i want check my avakin profile 'Cwxrssr'


3. Then you will found your avakin id in the result page, click 'Inspect Profile' to view complete avakin profile.


4. You will get info about avakin username that you looking up for. Click 'Generate Link' to generate your avakin link profile. It's useful for you when your id have special characters that can't type in some users. Just give your avakin link profile after you generate it to them and they will found your id after they visit your avakin profile link and view you in game profile.


5. And this is after you generate avakin link profile, you can see new row 'Profile URL' on the bottom. Copy this link and share it to any social media to get new avakin friends easily.



6. And last, you can tell your friends about this web tool Avakin Profile Checker to find and get new friends as simple you see, like you got new friend which they share in social media via link then you visit their avakin profile link after that you just click 'View Game Profile' it will open Avakin Life game and will show their profile after you online, just start add them as friends in avakin without search and type their id in game.


Ok, that's all i show you about how to looking up avakin profile without getting online in game. See you again... ^_^


Writer: Cwxrssr