AVK48 Theater

Wednesday, 8 March 2017









Snapshots on the above is the basic apartment in Avakin Life, this apartment so old, you can't get this apartment again when you are registered user in Avakin, you can get like this apartment in upgraded version of Bayview Studio. Nice isn't? hehe better than you don't have. Ok now I explain why the apartment snapshots above looks like that. From some snapshots, you certainly already know what's theme is in the apartment that i have. Yes, that apartment is AVK48 Theater just like JKT48 Theater. If you want to enjoy in apartment feeling like in JKT48 Theater theme, just come and stay in the AVK48 Theater, relaxing for a moment and take a sit waiting for AVK48 personnel coming, if they are there haha. But don't try go to the stage, because the stage only for AVK48 members :p hihi just kidding, you may go to the stage if you can do it, because there's no way except one way to the stage. Already know huh? The conclusion if you want to go on stage, you have to try and be patient to become a drumber and take a sit on back of drum kit chair, because it's like challange if you not get on the stage. Huhu.. ok we are till at the end of post about this apartment. Next time I will post another apartment that may unique and interesting.




Here i make a video dance cover when i'm there, i try acting as JKT48 member, whether me looks like they? because i like JKT48 members and their songs. You may come to my apartment because sometime i'll be there act as AVK48 member lol..

How it, nice or not? please comment below :)


Writer: Cwxrssr