Avakin Life Profile Checker & Profile Link Generator Tools

You can use this web tool to check the validity of an Avakin ID/Avakin Life username that listed in Avakin World List IDs or friends id which it's shared with you. This web tool (https://avkn.life) has been created by James/Octolus for Avakin Life. You'll be able to check the Avakin Life's username and generate your Avakin Profile Link that you can give out to your friends. So if your username has special characters, and doesn't appear when searching in Avakin Life game, you can just hand them out a link. For example http://avkn.life/p300

Thanks to James/Octolus for this nice web tool!

- If you don't know how to using Avakin Profile Checker, you should read this post 'Looking up avakin profile without getting online in game'.
- If you trying to find and check an Avakin Life username but you can't find them in this Avakin Life profile checker, it might their Avakin ID is invalid, not yet indexed in this web tool or there something wrong like inactive avakin life id that may make their avakin id is invisible.