You can post your activity and stuffs related Avakin Life in Avakin World Group, the content might be snapshots, videos, stories, tips & tricks or events for your friends and another Avakin Life players. Also we open contributor if you wanna contribute for Avakin World community blog, you can write an article about your avakin life stuffs, such as your avakin fashion modelling life style or your public apartment review. If your stuffs looks nice, we will make a review and post your avakin life stuffs in the Avakin World fanpage and website to get more known by others.


- [INFO] Bosan dan bingung mau ngapain di Avakin Life? Daripada makan micin, baper tingkat dewa, ke sana sini bt main avakin life gitu-gitu aja mending ikutan yuk gaes di Avakin World Roleplay.